Inaugural Indie Cage Match: 7:30 PM, Sunday, November 6th - UCB East

Come one, come all to our exciting inaugural show where three super hilarious indie improv teams face off against one another in a battle to the funniest. It’s all happening Sunday, November 6th, 7:30 PM at UCB East, the Beast.

But wait, there’s more. For the first time ever in an NYC Cage Match, the Really Cool Co-hosts (almost always Ryan and Amey), and the exciting and always different Distinguished Panel (comprised of a Comedy Vet and an Indie Darling) will decide 3 / 5 of the vote, while the audience will decide 2 / 5 of the vote for each show. If a team wins 3 times in a row they will automatically be awarded a spot in Cage Match NYC, and retired from Indie Cage Match for the season.

Check out the complete rules in the panel above.

Our Really Cool Co-hosts

Amey Goerlich & Ryan Karels meet each other in their Level 1 UCB class in 2001 and quickly formed the legendery UCB Indie improv team KROMPF with Neil Casey and Joe Wengert.  They come to you as Radio Rouge and indie representative for Indie Cage Match at UCB East every week.

Our Distinguished Weekly Panel (and some fun facts about them)

Ari Voukydis (Our First Comedy Vet)

Ari played a John Denver Fanclub Member in an episode of The Upright Citizens Brigade TV Show - he’s also been a talking head on almost every VH1 show.  Also, he was an "ask a cute boy" columnist for YM magazine.
Shaun Diston (Our First Indie Darling)

Was the second long running host of Kaleidoscope, a weekly Indie mashup team show at the Creek. A member of one of the best inde teams in NYC, TESLA.

Our Incredible Indie Teams (and some fun facts about them)

CSO (Casual Sex Offenders)

Dave Bushnell, James Coker, Shalyah Evans, Ken Beck, Austin Rye, Marshall Stratton

CSO has been hosting a show for two years at the Creek. Also, everyone on CSO is really really nice.


Taylor Newhall, Rachel Rosenthal, Paul Dome, Matt Tucker

Beatloaf is from Boston… ask them about Clam Chowder.


Anthony Apruzzese, Molly Evensky, Dan LoPreto, Jenna Marucci, Caitlin Puckett, John Purcell

One person on Curtains is super Irish, the rest of Curtains is not. But they’re all super hilarious.

Official Indie Cage Match NYC interns Justin Byrne and Evan Boshi will be on hand for the fetching of water, and taking of notes.

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